Brennan Boesch

Sweet Swingin’ Brennan Boesch Continues to Rake

Brennan Boesch continues his hot hitting this Spring by launching a three-run homer last night off Washington Nationals pitcher Mitch Atkins. The homer would go for nought as the Tigers lost 5-3 in the late innings.

With Boesch’s home run on Thursday night he has now homered in three of his last four games, with two homers coming off of lefties.

Brennan is a career .269 hitter and has been a shade better this Spring hitting at a .271 clip. In 59 Spring at bats, Brennan is hitting .263 against lefties and .275 against righties. Which, for a power hitter like him, that’s pretty even keel.

After getting off to a slow start this Spring, Boesch has really picked it up as of late. Hitting in five straight games collecting seven hits, three home runs and six RBIs.

“You build to a point in spring training where you feel like you have the swing where you want it to be,” Boesch said.

“From then on, the swing is no longer something you’re concerned about.”

“That’s when it starts to get fun, when you can trust your swing and start competing out there.”

Boesch was asked if he had reached that point:

“Yeah,” Boesch said. “I’ve been there for two weeks.”

I tabbed Boesch in a earlier post this season to hit .270 18HR 75RBI. It looks like he’s well on his way to match those numbers. I think that if Boesch continues his sweet swingin’ into the regular season, he’ll exceed the eighteen home run mark and maybe even reach twenty five. He still needs to improve his OBP percentage as a number two hitter, which won’t be easy hitting in front of Cabrera and Prince. Because, there isn’t no way a pitcher is going to walk him to get to the Big Fellas.