Boesch Mashin’ in Motown

With Carlos Guillen(notes) disabled and utilityman Ryan Raburn(notes) cleaning roosts for the Toledo Mud Hens, the outfielder has traded in mundane for magnificent. Including Saturday’s stellar 4-for-6, two-RBI performance, Boesch has quietly been very productive this month. Shifting between the outfield corners and DH, he’s amassed 20 hits in 44 at-bats with two homers and 12 RBI, numbers comparable to future HOFer Manny Ramirez(notes). The instant dividends have certainly impressed Jim Leyland. From the Detroit News:

“He’s an aggressive, young kid and when he gets a pitch to hit, he hits it pretty good,” Tigers manager Jim Leyland said. “It’s important (that he bats left), but the most important thing is that we’re getting good results.”

Cementing his spot behind Miguel Cabrera(notes) with every hit, Boesch, who clubbed 28 long-balls at Double-A Erie a season ago, is quickly becoming a need to know player. Though it’s highly unlikely he’ll sustain a BA above .300, he does possess enough raw power to accumulate above average HR and RBI numbers. Seeing boulder-sized pitches behind Miggy doesn’t hurt.

With rumors swirling of Guillen shifting back into the infield upon activation, Tigers management believes it’s holding a hidden ace.